Q: Everyone offers some sort of guarantee. How is yours different?

A: Byers’ provides the ONLY no-clog guarantee with NO EXCLUSIONS. So if your gutters ever clog, for any reason, we’ll clean them for free. No fine print, no excuses. No one else offers such a simple, ironclad guarantee.

Q: I have a lot of oak and pine trees. Will LeafGuard keep the leaves, acorns and needles out?

A: Yes. LeafGuard effectively sheds leaves, needles, seeds, acorns, twigs – just about anything you can throw at it. If small debris does get in, Leaf Guard’s oversized troughs and downspouts allow the material be flushed out with every rain.

Q: Does LeafGuard work with heavy snow and ice?

A: Yes. Snow and ice roll off the edge just like any other debris. With conventional gutters, snow and ice can build up and pry the gutters right off your home. That won’t happen with LeafGuard. Also, as snow and ice pile up on conventional gutters or flat-topped gutter covers, ice dams can lead to water backing up under your roof. LeafGuard’s curved design sheds snow and ice, minimizing ice dams. Many customers use heat tape to keep ice from forming on the edges of their roofs, which is completely compatible and recommended with LeafGuard.

Q: How much rain can LeafGuard handle?

A: The LeafGuard system has been independently tested under laboratory conditions to accept 33 inches of rainfall per HOUR – an amount well above any recorded occurrence anywhere in the world. In fact, the average rainfall in our area is 15-53 inches per YEAR.

Q: Will LeafGuard affect my roof warranty?

A: No. LeafGuard installs on the fascia boards or rafter tails, so no attachment points ever go through your roof (unlike conventional gutters, which have straps that nail into the roof sheathing.) Some add-on cover devices actually get nailed or screwed through your roof shingles, which can lead to leaks and dry rot! Your roof warranty is safe with us.

Q: How long will LeafGuard last?

A: LeafGuard is guaranteed to perform for as long as you own your home. LeafGuard’s finish is also guaranteed against chipping, peeling and cracking for as long as you own your home. And our workmanship? You guessed it – guaranteed for as long as you own your home!

Q: How will LeafGuard look on my home?

A: Beautiful! The sculpted appearance, similar to crown molding, blends in attractively with existing architecture. You can choose from 10 colors to enhance your trim or body color. We offer solid copper, too.