H's like a little miracle!


It sounds scientific because it is! Liquid Adhesion is an undeniable law of nature that allows water to actually cling to the edge and roll down into the gutter. Everything else – leaves, sticks and debris – rolls right over the edge.


No seams. And no worries.

Byers’ LeafGuard is 100% unique. Unlike other ordinary systems, screens or add-on covers, Leaf Guard gutters are formed from a single piece of extra heavy-duty aluminum. No seams means no leaks! Pure and simple.

Heavy duty. 100% rustproof.

Standard aluminum gutters are just plain wimpy. Our gutters are created out of some pretty impressive, heavy-duty aluminum and are a good 23% thicker. And aluminum won’t rust. You also have the choice of solid copper, if you prefer. We could even make them out of gold if you like!

Positive flow. No standing water.

Our unique design allows the gutters to gently slope down to the downspouts independent of your roof-line. Gutters are attached to the fascia boards or rafter tails, not your roof. This allows water to continue to flow out until the gutter is empty. You will never have standing water again. Bye-bye mosquitoes!

Large troughs. Bigger downspouts.

Everything about LeafGuard is designed to move a lot of water… fast! Troughs are large and unobstructed by brackets or screws. Downspouts are a good six square inches larger than standard ones, too. That alone gives you double the drainage of an ordinary downspout.

Tough. Beautiful. And guaranteed. For life!

To top it all off, LeafGuard gutters are gorgeous and come in an impressive variety of colors. The finish is almost indestructible and will not chip, peel blister, or crack. Ever. Each gutter is 100% guaranteed for as long as you own your home. And should you ever sell your home, the warranty can be transferred to the new owner.