Our Guarantee

Ray Byers, Sr.
President and CEO


Ray Byers, Jr.
Operations Manager



What more can we say? If for some freaky reason your gutters do clog, without batting an eye, we will zip out and clean them, free, end of story. You might even consider selling that old ladder in your garage. You just won’t really need it any more.

Your gutters are 100% guaranteed for as long as you own your home.

Other gutter companies use tons of fine print

Beware of warranty “exclusions.” Some not-so-nice gutter companies hide warranty “exclusions” allowing them to NOT HONOR their warranty. We think that’s a pretty shady way to do business. Here are a few “red flags” to watch out for:

  • Some companies exclude: certain types of trees (such as cottonwoods) and sap or pine resin. Byers doesn’t discriminate against any tree variety. We love all trees equally.
  • Some companies exclude: ladders placed against the gutter will void the warranty. That’s because their gutters (or cover devices) are not strong enough to withstand a ladder. Really? Wow! Byers’ LeafGuard Gutters are extra heavy-duty, so leaning a ladder against them doesn’t void your warranty.
  • Some companies exclude: improperly sloped gutters. This is a common exclusion with add-on covers. It’s because water will not drain when the slope is incorrect; therefore any small debris that gets in cannot be carried away by water. This simply will never happen with Byers’ Leaf Guard. Never, ever, ever.
  • Some companies exclude: Debris clogging the front opening, where the water enters the gutter. This is what they mean by “customer maintenance.” Their solution: “simply spray the front rail using an ordinary garden hose and/or garden nozzle. This may be necessary every few months or semi-annually.” Yeah, no thanks! With Byers’ Leaf Guard, you will NEVER have to maintain your gutters.

BYERS HAS NO EXCLUSIONS. You don’t have to put up with excuses! That’s why our guarantee is so clean and simple. It’s just one of the reasons our customers feel so confident in our company!