Rain barrels


Did you know? With every 1 inch of rain on 1,000 square feet of roof, you can collect around 600 gallons! That’s a lot of water. And it’s a really good way to provide clean, fresh water for your landscape. And here’s a little secret. Plants LOVE rainwater. It’s soft and gently acidic, and helps plants grow stronger and faster. After all, doesn’t Ma Nature water her plants with rainwater?

Our rain barrels are the perfect match for Byers’ Leaf Guard gutters. Our gutter system delivers fresh rainwater to the barrels, where it’s sealed from light, animals and debris. The water stays clean for months.

  • Extra-large 60-gallon capacity.
  • Lid with locking feature for safety.
  • Sealed system keeps out mosquitoes, pests and sunlight.
  • Includes spigot and garden hose adapter.
  • 3-year full replacement warranty.
  • Dimensions 39″ tall x 28.5″ upper diameter.