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Water Tips & Resources

Preserving Our Water Resources

California has been under a state of emergency since January 2014 due to the worst drought in California’s history. Governor Brown has called to voluntarily reduce water use by 20%. With simple changes to your home and your water use practices, you can make significant reductions in your water use. Together, we can preserve the precious water reserves for our most important needs of food, beverage and fire prevention. Together, we can be safe and smart.

1. Create a water budget. Learn about out how much water your household uses, and write a plan to reduce your use by 20%.
The California Department of Water Resources estimates that the basic minimum each of us needs for cooking, drinking, showering and sanitation is 50 gallons per day. How much water are you using?
Find out at

2. Aerate. It’s good for your wine and your lawn, it’s also good for your water.
Install aerators on the kitchen faucet to reduce flows to less than 1 gallon per minute. Inexpensive and simple to install, low-flow shower heads and faucet aerators can reduce your home water consumption as much as 50%, and reduce your energy cost of heating the water also by as much as 50%.

3. Ditch the lawn. Choose a drought resistant landscape or wildscape. Turn off your sprinklers and irrigation systems when not needed. Test your soil to see if your plants even need watering.

4. Pamper yourself, let someone else do it. Take your car to a commercial car wash that recycles water. Hire a professional to design and install an irrigation system for your yard. Hire a plumber to install water saving devices in your home.

5. You recycle everything else, why not your water? Capture and re-use water whenever possible. Does your water take a long time to heat in the shower? Capture that water and use it for watering your plants. Didn’t finish that cup of tea? Let your plant drink it.

6. Are you flushing money and valuable resources down the drain? Install WaterSense® labeled products, many are eligible for rebates. The average family of four can save thousands of gallons of water per year this way: 13,000 (toilet) and 2,900 (showerhead).

7. Put a little muscle in it. Use a broom instead of a hose to clean off patios and porches.

8. Become a leak detective. You may be using water and not meaning to. Check for leaks in your toilet, hose bibs, showers and faucets.

9. Go for the triple play: soak, catch and drip. You can greatly reduce the amount of water used for shrubs, beds and lawns with the strategic placement of soaker hoses, installing a rain barrel water catchment system and installing a simple drip-irrigation system.

10. Get a water check-up. Several cities offer Stay current with your cities most up-to-date water use recommendations and restrictions.